Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to be with you with my maiden Chairman address.

The India Sports Goods Industry founded back in 1887 in now passing through a very critical phase .There is intense competition from China, Taiwan and Pakistan who are giving our exporters run for the money in the international markets. Not only this they have deeply penetrated into the domestic market which is flooded by Chinese sports goods from Rackets to Gym Equipment and you can find these in every nook and corner of India.

It is the right time for a team of dedicated members to come forward as there is absolute need for the upgrading of the existing technology and work together, share the data base and sources to defeat the menace of foreign competitors. The industry today has young heads that are competent to plan and lead. These young ones have full access to all the sources from raw material to technology and with the guidance from the senior members they can create miracles in the manufacturing sector of spots goods industry.

There have been some positive signs also. Setting up ultra modern composite Field Hockey units by some of our members is the beginning of the technology up gradation process and I urge upon my members to move to the other sports goods also enabling all of us to stand again the onslaught of the foreign manufacturers.

I urge upon all my members to unite together and share the data base with each other which can bring wonderful results for the industry. On my part I shall do my best to keep the industry united for the benefit of the members and the sports goods industry as a whole.

With best regards

Ajaya Mahajan

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