The Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association Jalandhar

The Sports Goods Manufacturers and exporters association, popularly known as SGMEA, established in 1973 as a Non-Profit Organization is a duly registered Association to represent the leading manufacturers and exporters of Sports Goods.

SGMEA, governed by an elected Chairman & nominated executive body, contribute to about 70% of India’s exports and over 50% of domestic market. It virtually represents the entire Sports Industry. Association’s competent and professional secretariat equipped with modern communication facilities are all set to meet the global challenge. Liaison with Government Departments, providing expert solutions to common problems, providing a collective vision to the industry, support activities of the Association. Seminars, lectures, training programs, exhibition and workshops also comprise the Association’s activities.

SGMEA, a ‘Nodal Cluster Level Institute’ for the development of Jalandhar sports Goods Cluster, has earnestly pursued its role of a proactive business service provider for the Sports Goods Industry. It is a platform wherein common challenges faced by the industry are addressed collectively.

Highlights of Programmes done by SGMEA

  • Organized and conducted two most successful seminars on export opportunities in the years 2003-04 (Mr. Jagat Shah of Ahmedabad was the speaker).
  • Arranged and conducted one workshop on import and export opportunities for Industry in 2003. (Mr. Ajit Jain of Mumbai was the speaker).
  • Arranged the service of Rubber Technologist Dr. S.N. Chakravarty for the rubber-based industry in 2003.
  • A workshop on CE Marking for Sports Protective Equipment conducted by Mr. Alan Ross (SGS) from U.K. was arranged in October 2004 and was most successfully conducted.
  • The first international; Raw Material Buyer Seller Meet in the history of Sports Goods Industry was arranged in 2004 and again in 2007. This brought the Raw material and Machinery makers from all over the world at the doorsteps of the manufacturers of sports goods, furniture industry, bus and truck bodybuilders and shoe making industry. The major gainers from this BSM were cottage and small-scale units engaged in the manufacturers of various industries. To make this show a great success we managed to draw the support of UNIDO, Central and State Government Bodies, bankers and financial institutions.
  • In December 2004 SGMEA coordinated the services of Mr. Manfred Hofmiester CE Marking expert from Germany for the cause of Sports Goods industry.
  • Coordinated and arranged training programme for new workers at Central Leather research Institute in October 2004 resulting in the generation new skilled workers for the entire industry.
  • Coordinated and arranged three month training programme on rubber technology for the industry in National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar through the faculty being the best available top consultants from all over India.
  • SGMEA coordinated the Skill Training Programme for 100 candidates at Central Leather Research Institute resulting in generation of new skilled workers for the entire industry during the year 2008.The programme was sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.
  • Coordinated a one day seminar on Intellectual Property Rights for the industry with the help of Ministry of MSME in 2009 and again in the year 2012.
  • Coordinated with NIT, Jalandhar and TIFAC (Govt. of India) for setting up of R&D and Testing Centre for the Sports Goods Industry with 5 crore funding from TIFAC under Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • The Association brought out FIRST EVER World Class Directory for Sourcing Raw Material and Machinery for Sports Goods in the year 2011. The Directory has been a great boon for the entire industry of India.
  • In 2011 coordinated with SGS Ludhiana for conducting a valuable workshop on REACH REGULATIUONS for benefit of Sports Goods Industry.
  • SGMEA brought out a number of issues of in-house magazine “VOICE” from 2001 to 2012.
  • Arranged many workshops on ISO 9000, SA 8000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 from 2001 to 2014.
  • Arranged awareness programmes on MSME schemes for the benefit of sports goods industry
  • Worked with UNIDO under Cluster Development programme from 2002 to 2005 and held many workshops and seminars for the benefit of the Sports Goods Industry.
  • Arranged seminars with financial institutions for updating the members on latest facilities being provided by them for the industry.
  • Arranged workshop in 2013 with Bureau of Indian Standards for updating the facilities being provided by them for the Industry.
  • In 2014 attended a workshop in Amritsar on Amritsar Kolkata Corridor held by Central Govt.
  • The Association did a remarkable job on the Social front also In 2014 during the devastation of Jammu and Kashmir the association members contributed blankets for the needy and a total of 154 blankets donated by the members were handed over to GOONJ a authenticated NGO for further distribution amongst the needy persons in Kashmir.
  • The Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (SGMEA) had an interaction with Ms. Nicki Crevey Economic Officer and Mr. D Jagannath Rao Senior Economic Specialist from Embassy of USA New Delhi. The main subject was the overall industrial environment in Jalandhar and the ease of doing business. Ms. Nikki Crevey raised certain points to the Challenges faced by the Sports Goods Industry, Skill Development, Availability of Infrastructure and Labour, Availability of Raw Material, up gradation of Technology etc. Finally it was conveyed to Ms. Nicky that Jalandhar Sports Goods Industry shall be glad to have partnerships with foreign brands in the manufacturing of World Class Sports Goods. The members asked Ms Nicky to convey this message to the concerned authorities of the US Economic Affairs Department which she fully endorsed.
  • In October there was a wave for presenting the case for Smart City for Jalandhar under Central Govt. Scheme for 100 smart cities in India. SGMEA under the Chairman ship of Sh. Arvind Abrol had an interaction with Mr. Sunil Jyoti Mayor of the City to declare and present Jalandhar as Sports Smart City as it is the biggest centre for Sports Goods and is popular throughout the World. Through our efforts the City was named as Sports Smart City and the final presentation was sent by Corporation to the Central Govt .In the finals the City ranked at 27 No on all India basis.
  • The first Cricket Match of the 21st century was arranged by SGMEA for its members in FCS grounds on 20th December 2015. This was held after a gap of almost 35 years the difference being that now the next generation played this match. It was a grand success and SGMEA proved that it can perform on social front also. More than 70 members of SGMEA along with their family members were present during the match which was followed by lunch.
  • The Association actively participated in the Award for “Responsible Indian BMO.s” Organized by Foundation for MSME Clusters and for this Association have been awarded Certificate of Appreciation.
  • In April 2016 the Association formed new sub committees and the whole issue was given a new avatar .The following Chairs were created:

    Mr. Rajesh Mayor - CHAIR Education
    The responsibility of this Chairman is to arrange the speakers who are relevant to our businesses.

    Mr. Kumar Wasan:-CHAIR Family
    The Chairman is responsible for arranging the events where the families of all the members can come together and know each other.

    Mr. Rajesh Kharabanda- CHAIR New Leadership Grooming
    The responsibility of the Chairman is to expose the younger generation of boys and girls who wish to join their Parent’s business, to be exposed to the emerging technologies, best business practices, the success within the industry, industry visits, Exposure to the CSR activities run by industry etc.

    Mr. Vikas Gupta – CHAIR: SGEPC Affair
    The responsibility of this Chairman is to take care of all the activities and issues related to this subject including elections of the COA of SGEPC.

    Mr. Jiten Mahajan- CHAIR: Business Promotion Chair
    The Chairman shall be responsible for enacting various activities for the benefit of the members in regard to business activities like arranging seminars, workshops and presentations by various Govt and Non Govt Bodies relating to the upliftment benefit of the businesses of the members of SGMEA.

  • In August 2016 the Association arranged presentation from the members of the Association on various aspects for the benefit of the members.

    Presentation by Mr. Jayesh Rambhia (of Premsons Plastics Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
    Mr. Jayesh emphasized on the technology up gradation in the Sports Goods Industry as that is the only way to survive.

    Presentation by Mr. Rajesh Kharabanda (Sr. Vice Chairman SGMEA)
    Mr. Rajesh Kharabanda informed that WFSGI in very keen to set up quality up gradation for the Sports Goods Industry of India and Pakistan and will have base at Jalandhar and shall coordinate with SGMEA.

    Presentation Sh. Rajesh Arora (of Play Craft New Delhi)
    Mr. Rajesh Arora informed in detail about the ways and means as how to innovate and be completive in the world market.

  • In August 2016 the Association as per past tradition took up the sensitive task of selecting candidates amongst its members for the election to the COA of Sports Goods Export Promotion Council, New Delhi. Members were called upon to send their requests for the vacant posts of COA. Four requests were received and in a huge meeting all the candidates were call upon to present their vision for the COA if elected .All the candidates viz Mr. Raj Kumar Wasan, Mr. Jiten Mahajan, Mr. Sumnesh Aggarwal and Mr. Rajesh Arora put up their vision for the COA.I am pleased to inform you that with the whole hearted support of all the members all the four candidate were elected to the COA of SGEPC.
  • The Association arranged an interaction with Mr. Amit Bajaj Advocate Punjab and Haryana High Court – a GST expert on the implications of GST pertaining to the Sports Goods Industry. The Association also sent a representation to the Finance Minister Govt of India seeking minimum slab of GST rate for the Sports Goods.
  • In December 2016 our Association in collaboration with ICICI Bank held a workshop on Succession Dilemma for the benefit of our members. A large number of members attended this workshop and benefited from this very important subject matter.
  • Our Association held 2nd Cricket Match of the 21st Century for its members on 11th Decembers 2016 at FCS Grounds. It was a grand success and SGMEA again proved that it perform on social front also. More than 50 members of SGMEA along with their family members were present during the matches followed by lunch.
  • The Association throughout the year circulated to its members various schemes of MSME like Bar Code Re- imbursement, Product Certification, Re-imbursement, Capital Subsidy linked credit from SIDBI etc. The secretariat throughout the year circulated to members a large number of trade enquiries received from domestic market and abroad. A lot of offers from raw material and machinery manufacturers received by the Association were forwarded to the members. Apart from this we kept the industry updated on various exhibitions and trade fairs in India and abroad for the benefit of the Industry. The Association kept on sending SGMEA News Alerts from time to time thus updating members in regard to the activities of the World Sports Goods Industry.
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