Sports & Fitness Healthcare Summit

Sports & Fitness Healthcare Summit:

Creating Healthcare Ecosystem for Sports & Fitness Economy
By Sports Authority of India on 26 and 27 Oct 2017 at Weightlifting Auditorium (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium), New Delhi- 110003.

With great pleasure we invite you to attend the first two day conference and exhibition, ‘Sports & Fitness Healthcare Summit: Creating Healthcare Ecosystem for Sports & Fitness Economy’.

Sports have always been competitive from the days of epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat to the games in Greece and Rome which have led to modern day Olympics. It is interesting to note that any kind of games played professionally needs dedicated training and a proper regulation of health and nutrition. This has been an accepted norm since BC times.

There is a resurgence of interest in fitness and competitive sport yet surprisingly in India today we do not have the relevant supportive healthcare ecosystem. Right guidance is not available to aspiring sportspersons and those interested in fitness. This necessitates creating a proper, disciplined and regulated healthcare ecosystem for the new sports & fitness economy. Thus, NuFFoods Spectrum in association with Sports Authority of India is making a platform available to deliberate it to have crystal clear solutions.

The objective of this event is to initiate discussions on healthcare and fitness regulations and product performance. There are nine sessions which will have participants from industry, regulators, policy planners, academicians, sportspersons and sporting associations and sports equipment manufacturers who would share their experiences and concerns.

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